Lake Thomas Edison to Evolution Valley on JMT and back on the Sierra High Route - June 29 - July 6 2013 

Deniece, Bleha, Dave Shavel and Jeffrey Olson

Travel day is June 28th.  Jeff Picks Dave & Deniece up at the Fresno airport (or stockton or Sacramento, although sacramento is an hour out of the way - judge flight times for best airport).  It's about 90 miles and a three hour drive from Fresno to Lake Thomas Edison and the ferry.  In order to catch the ferry that day we'd need to be there by about 3:45PM. 

It's 5 hours from stockton to the lake, and  six hours from Sacramento airport.  

The trip is approximately 75 miles over June 29, 30, July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and  out the morning/early afternoon of the 6th.   Call it seven days of hiking.  It would be great if we could get to the ferry on the 28th, but we could catch the early ferry on Saturday the 29th at 10AM.  I've driven the road and it's one lane and nasty.  That was 30 years ago, but I don't think it would have improved.  

I think the JMT segment should take us 3 days and the High Route segment should take us 4 days.  That's probably biting off a lot.  The hike out of Mono Creek is 2500', and then it drops down to Bear Creek, and slowly up to Marie Lake and Selden Pass, and then down to the San Joaquin River and up to Evolution Basin.  After that it's cross country...  Snow and ice and rock.  

Here's the snow water plot for Kaiser Pt., on the road to Lake Thomas Edison -  Here's a map of the snow water content for May 11, 2009 postholer snow water equivalents on the PCT

Overview Map.jpg (879338 bytes)      Overview Map - hard to read

     Overview Map2.jpg (465457 bytes)   Overview Map - hard to read. 

 1 - Lake Edison to Hot Springs.jpg (447273 bytes)  It's 36 miles from the end of Lake Thomas Edison on the John Muir Trail before we head out on the Sierra High Route just before Evolution Basin.  This map shows the trip from the end of Lake Thomas Edison to the top of Bear Ridge

2 - Hot Springs to Junction.jpg (480786 bytes) This map shows the JMT from the top of Bear Ridge to the junction where the actual loop begins.  We will continue south on the John Muir Trail. 

 3 - Junction to Marie Lake.jpg (516786 bytes)  This map takes us from the Hilgard Creek junction to Marie Lake

4 - Marie Lake to Senger Creek.jpg (506263 bytes) This map takes us from Marie Lake down past Heart and Sallie Keyes Lakes

 5 - Senger Creek to Paiute Pass Trail.jpg (481174 bytes) This one takes us from Senger Creek to Paiute Pass Trail Junction

 6 - Paiute Pass Trail to Evolution Meadow.jpg (495125 bytes) This map takes us from Paiute Pass Trail Junction to Evolution Meadow

 7 Evolution Basin to Lake 11692.jpg (501884 bytes)  Here we reach the end of our 36 miles on the JMT and head up into the alpine world of snow, rock and ice

8 -South part of trail.jpg (510017 bytes)  The same

9 - Lake 11,092 to Upper Golden Trout Lake.jpg (501039 bytes)    Lake 11.092 to Upper Golden Trout Lake

 10 - WahooLakes to PuppetPass.jpg (467330 bytes) Wahoo Lakes to Puppet Pass

 11 - Puppet Pass to Merriam Creek.jpg (472372 bytes)Puppet pass to Merriam Creek

12 - French Canyon to Feather Pass.jpg (515117 bytes) French Canyon to Feather Pass

13 - Feather Pass to Hilgard Branch and junction with JMT.jpg (544376 bytes)Feather Pass to the Hilgard Branch Junction with the JMT.  It's 9.2 miles from the junction back to Lake Thomas Edison and the ferry, which runs at 10AM and 4PM.