Italy Pass, Selden Pass, Pine Creek Pass Loop

Deniece Bleha, Dave Shavel, & Jeffrey Olson

June 29th - July 6, 2013

The trip is 50.6 miles.  It is nicely doable in six days, with a day of travel on either side.  Access is from Hwy 395, 196 miles south of Reno, about 3 hours of driving.  Then it's another half hour to the trailhead.  


It's a three hour drive to the trailhead, so we'll likely begin hiking at 2Pm, arriving at lower pine lake around 5:30.  

Saturday, June 29 - Hike 3 and a half or four miles to Lower Pine Lake or 4 miles to upper Pine Lake.  

Sunday, June 30 - Hike to Hutchinson Meadow area - 10 miles, with the last 7 downhill

Monday July 1 - STay in in the Blaney Meadows area 9 miles, all downhill or flat along River

Tuesday July 2 - 3000' climb to to 10,872 at Seldon Pass and then to Marie Lakes - 7.2 miles

Wednesday July 3 - Hike from Marie Lakes to Bear Creek area below Lake Italy.  8.8 miles with 1500' climb

Thursday July 4 - Hike from Bear Creek, by Lake Italy, by Jumble Lake, over Italy Pass into Granite Basin.  5.5 miles - use trail much of the way

Friday July 5 - half a rest day, hike to end of Granite Basin and Honeymoon Lake - 2 miles.  

Saturday, July 6, Hike to car - 6 miles and drive to Reno.  

 Deniece fly out Sunday morning, July 7.  The last couple days will involve us having to sleep in - at least til nine.  No need to get up and go - just sauntering...

We will hike half of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and position ourselves to be out of the high country  on Saturday the 7th.  

The overview map has us going counter-clockwise on the loop.  It makes more sense to head clockwise.  We will have only three days of food when we begin the cross-country segment after Lake Italy.  Packs will be lighter and we'll be in better shape.  We can actually head cross country before we hit the Muir Trail by heading up one of the drainages towards the Bear Lakes Basins.  White Bear Lake is said to be one of the most isolated places in the Sierra.  We'll have good maps and decide what to do when we get there.  Who knows what the snow will really look like?  

Here's a website of photos of the hike... 


Pine Creek Trip - Complete Map.jpg (764425 bytes)  This map is a topographic overview of the trip. 

Honeymoon Lake.jpg (2363681 bytes)  This is a picture of Honeymoon Lake, likely camp for the first night. 

Italy Pass, Jumble Lake & Lake Italy.jpg (254817 bytes)  This map is a google earth view of Lake Italy, Jumble Lake, Italy Pass and Granite Park.  This is the first two days of the hike. 

Jumble Lake to Seven Lakes Basin.jpg (1975482 bytes)  This is a potential cross country route from Jumble Lake into the Seven Lakes Basin area.  We're likely not going to go this way. 

Lake Italy, east end - Mt Dade on left.jpg (2350409 bytes)  This is a picture of Lake Italy looking east

Lake Italy.jpg (144169 bytes)  Here's another picture of Lake Italy - again looking east. 

Lake Italy Creek at 9500'.jpg (141883 bytes)  This is Italy Creek at about the 9500' level.  It's halfway down from Lake Italy towards the John Muir Trail. 

Italy Creek Trail to Marie Lake, Selden Pass and SAllie Keyes Lakes.jpg (321455 bytes)  Here's a google earth view of the Italy Creek Trail hitting the John Muir Trail 

Seven Gables Lakes Basin.jpg (2213888 bytes)  This is the Seven Gables Lake Basin, a realistic side trip if we have the energy.  It also can be reached by a cross-country trip from Jumble Lake as seen in a previsou topo map. 

Marie Lake from Selden Pass.jpg (1088149 bytes)  This is one of the most stunning places on earth - Marie Lake.  It's perched on the edge of the Bear Creek drainage.  This is taken from Selden Pass.  This is looking back from where we've come. 

Selden Pass South to Heart Lake.jpg (1500967 bytes)  This is taken from Selden Pass looking south to Heart Lake.  We're going this direction. 

Sallie Keyes Lake looking south.jpg (1037814 bytes)  This is taken from above Sallie Keys Lake looking south

Paiute Canyon below Hutchinson Meadow.jpg (3723885 bytes)  This is Paiute Canyon, up from the John Muir Trail, about halfway up to Hutchinson Meadow

Trail heading up to Pine Lake.jpg (287410 bytes)  This taken heading up to Pine Lake from the east.  We'll be going down this. 

Upper Pine Lake.jpg (776386 bytes)  This is Upper Pine Lake.