JUNE 16 - 24, 2015 - Lots of down time, or day hiking time  The shortest nine day trip we've ever taken...

I'll pick Dave up at the Reno airport on June 15 and we'll drive to Lone Pine and pick up the permit if the ranger station is still open.  Otherwise we'll pick it up first thing in the morning.  We drive to the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead and should be on the trail by 11 or so. 

This is a nice overview of part of the trip.

Other videos and websites of the area are at bottom of page. 


June 16.  From trailhead to Hidden or Muir Lake is about 4 to 5 miles

This is an easy hike, downhill to the creek and then following the creek up to a rise where we go cross country to Hidden Lake.  If that is unappealing, we'll hike over to Muir Lake, which is reported to be beautiful.

June 17.  From Muir Hidden or Muir Lake to Cottonwood Lakes 3 miles

This hike is fairly flat and gives us a lot of time for Dave to find the perfect campspot. 

June 18 - Cottonwood Lakes to Upper Soldier Lake - 5 miles?

This day we hike over New Army Pass and go Cross Country to the upper Soldier Lake.  The lake isn't labeled on any maps, but the one we're headed for has the trail line to it. 

June 19 - Upper Soldier Lake to Upper Miter Basin 5 miles?

This part of the hike is mostly on trail to the lower lake.  Cross country from here to Upper Crabtree Lake, three days away.

June 20 - Upper Miter Basin- day hiking or resting

Peak bagging - lake bagging, or resting, exploring the meaning of life, lounging, reading, washing clothes, perhaps dealing with the rain...

June 21 - Upper Miter Basin over Crabtree Pass to Crabtree Lakes - 5 miles

This is an intense up and down - some class 2 scrambling - nothing dangerously intense.  We'll want to stay  below the upper lake in the trees.  The upper lake is moonscape - good camping if the weather is good. 


June 22 - Crabtree Lakes to Guyot Creek if there's water - 5 miles

We hit the PCT about a mile or so down from the lower Crabtree Lake.  It's another short day to Guyot Creek.  Don't remember if it flows enough to have water.  There is an established camp at Rock Creek in the trees that work in a pinch, but is totally viewless.  Lots of campsites in view of each other - totally undesireable. 

June 23 - Guyot Creek to Tarn at park border - 4 miles

The tarn above the PCT is hidden from the trail and a nice place to spend the last night of the trip.


June 24 - Hike out - 6 miles

Trip Report - Cottonwood Lakes to PCT to Soldier Lake to Crabtree Pass and down to Crabtree Lakes

Iridescent Lake Video

View of Sky Blue Lake and Crabtree Pass Video

Cottonwood Lakes Video - no narrative

Video of New Army Pass

10 minute video of woman hiking alone to Cottonwood Lakes

Longer video of hike to Cottonwood Lakes