Donner Summit to Mt. Whitney, 410 Miles

June 11 through July 24, 2014

Jeff and all his friends and relatives


I-80 to Tinker Knob

Tinker Knob to Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley to Miller Creek

Miller Creek to Fontanellis Lake

Fontanellis Lake to Echo Lake REsort L1


I-80 to Echo Lake                    60.7 miles                     7 days              June 11 - 17

            Mail Food to Echo Lake (3 days)

            Rest Day                                                                                      June 18                                         


Echo Lake Resort to Round Top K6

Round Top to Summit City Canyon Trail


Echo Lake to Ebbetts Pass        44.4 miles                     5 days              June 19 - 23   


Summit City Canyon Trail to Pennsylvania Creek Canyon

Pennsylvania Creek Canyon to Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass to East Fork Carson River

East Fork Carson River to Sonora Pass K1

East Fork Carson River to Sonora Pass - J9


Ebbetts Pass to Sonora Pass     30.8 miles                     3 days                June 24 - 26

             Rest Day                                                           1 day                 June 27 

Dave brings food for 11 days - Ebbetts Pass to Tuolomne Meadows. He will hang 8 days of food at Sonora Pass. A rest day will be taken between Sonora Pass and Tuolomne Meadows.


Sonora Pass to just north of Dorothy Lake - J8

Dorothy Lake to Tilden Lake Trail - J7

Tilden Lake Trail to Benson Lake - J6

Benson Lake to Cold Canyon -0 J5

Cold Canyon to Tuolomne Meadows J4


Sonora Pass to Tuolomne         76.4 miles                     7 days              June 28 - July 4

Rest Day - somewhere on the trail

            Mail Food to Tuolomne (3 days)                                                                             


Tuolumne Meadows to Donohue Pass J3

Donohue Pass to High Trail J2

High Trail to Reds Meadow J1

Reds Meadow Area


Tuolomne to Reds Meadow      36 miles                        3 days            July 6 to  July 8

            Mail Food to

 Reds Meadow (5 days)


Reds Meadow to Silver Pass I-9

Silver Pass to Bear Creek Pass I8

Bear Creek Pass to Sally Keyes Lake I7

Sally Keyes Lake to Evolution Meadow I6


Reds Meadow to Paiute Pass Trail   54 miles                    5 days          July 9 to  July 13

            Steve Kirk humps 9 days of my food

            over Paiute Pass - what a brother-in-law 

             (9 days)  

Rest Day                                    1 July 14

Evolution Meadow to Muir Pass I5

Muir Pass to Deer Meadow I4

Deer Meadows to Taboose Pass Trail I3

Taboose Pass Trail to Valley before Dollar Lake

Dollar Lake to Vidette Meadows

Vidette Meadows to Bubbs Creek Headwaters H8

Bubbs Creek Headwaters to Wright Creek H7

Wright Creek to Mt. Whitney H6


Paiute Pass Trail Whitney Portal       105 miles                        9 days              July 15  to July 24

  Rest Day in here somewhere.

                                                        401 total                    42 days