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This website has a number of different things to look at; photos mostly.  The picture below was taken on the 17th of July, 2008, at 11,000 on the PCT, 10 miles south of the trail to Mt. Whitney...


 This is the happy look


Sawtooths Backpacking Trip, 2006

Summer 2010 PCT Trip - Nope...


Maroon Bells Trip , 2007


The Boundary Trail, 2010? Nope...


Kern River, PCT Loop, July, 2008


Gumboot to Seiad


Topographic Maps, All States


Etna Summit to Seiad - 2013


Sierra High Route Trip - 2013


PCT Photos, Summer 2005

Ritter Circumambulation 2012





Winds Traverse, 2011


Yosemite 2011


Summer 2010-Ansel AdamsWilderness


Lake Italy Trip, June/July 2013


Donner Pass to Mt. Whitney, 2014 - nope


Scott Mtn Summit to Grider Creek, June 2015


Miter Basin Trip, 2015


North Boundary YosemiteTrip. 2015


High Uintas 2015


Rawahs, 2015




Martin Scenes



Craig Movie

Holiday 2012 Pics


Kings Road Pics


September 5-12, 2009


Summer 2009


 Sonoma Coast Photos


Vanagon/Subaru Pics


Family Pics 1917 - Now

Newly Scanned old family pictures


May 2007 Pics - New Garage Door Installation


Nebraska/Colorado Scene


  Olson 2007